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Savor the taste of custom processed meat

Are you struggling to process your meat at home? Visit Rising Star Custom Meats Inc in Caldwell, ID to get your meat processed perfectly. You’ll notice the difference in the flavor when your meat is done exactly the way you like it.


From curing to smoking, we can help meet all your custom meat needs. Our meat specialty treatment includes a 14-day aging process. The aging procedure is a forgotten art, but we still do it. No one can handle meat the way our professionals can!

Enjoy the flavors of custom meat processed to perfection

Complete meat processing services

• Butchering

• Curing

• Drying

• Smoking

• Aging


Though your local butcher can provide you a particular cut of meat, nothing can match our fresh custom meat. You can rely on a business that has been serving the community for 15+ years.

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